The Festival of Master Concerts 2022

Mastert Concerts 2022

After two years of studying for a Master's degree in Music Education Jazz or Producing/Performance Jazz, the time has come for the students to present their freely designed Master's projects to mark the culmination of their studies. The audience can enjoy high-quality concerts in which the in-depth examination of a freely chosen, self-developed musical theme, the desire to experiment and the joy of music as such are expressed. And: with the master's projects, the musicians often start their artistic careers at the same time.


22.08. — 04.09.22

22.08. 19:00 Interactions MA-Project: Linda Jozefowski,

Music Pedagogy Jazz



MA-Project: Noah Eiermann,

Music Pedagogy Jazz

23.08. 19:00

There is a Storm Inside

MA-Project: Sebastian Viret, Music Pedagogy Jazz

Hendiadys 2.0

MA-Project: Jean-Noël Gos, Music Pedagogy Jazz
24.08. 19:00

Medieval Tales

MA-Project: Enrico Solano, Music Pedagogy Jazz
25.08. 19:00

Threeamisu Extended

MA-Project: Felix Wolf, Music Pedagogy Jazz

Intrusive contact

MA-Project: Pablo Costadone, Music Pedagogy Jazz
26.08 19:00

Moving Music

MA-Project: Grzegorz Włodarczyk, Music Pedagogy Jazz
  20:15 Still video game MA-Project: Snejana Prodanova, Music Pedagogy Jazz
27.08. 19.00

Timbalea – Exitos Cubanos

MA-Project: Lea Scherer, Music Pedagogy Jazz

Carmabylon – Logo Lo Go Lo

MA-Project: Carmela Sager, Music Pedagogy Jazz
28.08. 19:00

Look Back, Keep Walking

MA-Project: Ana Čop, Producing/Performance Jazz
29.08. 19.00


MA-Project: Lennard Fiehn, Producing/Performance Jazz

Live Wires

MA-Project: Jaka Arh, Producing/Performance Jazz
30.08. 19:00

Stories from my pocket

MA-Project: Zdeněk Tománek, Producing/Performance Jazz

Expectations quartet

MA-Project: Azat Bayazitov, Producing/Performance Jazz
31.08. 19:00

Tobias Melcher Quartett

MA-Project: Tobias Melcher, Producing/Performance Jazz

Emilio Giovanoli Quintet

MA-Project: Emilio Giovanoli, Producing/Performance Jazz


MA-Project: Paul Brauner, Producing/Performance Jazz
01.09. 19:00

Max With Snacks

MA-Project: Max Liebenberg, Producing/Performance Jazz

For No One

MA-Project: Alon Schmidhauser, Producing/Performance Jazz
02.09. 19:00

jāt khāli-yé

MA-Project: David Forget, Producing/Performance Jazz
  20:15 Obvious Quintet MA-Project: Iannis Obiols, Producing/Performance Jazz

Hits close to Home

MA-Project: Julian Gutbrod, Producing/Performance Jazz
04.09. 19:00

Nadav Erlich Septet

MA-Project: Nadav Erlich, Producing/Performance Jazz

Yossi Itskovich Octet

MA-Project: Yossi Itskovich, Producing/Performance Jazz