Entrance examination BA Music in Jazz: Theoretical part rhythm

Examination completed.


  • Use headphones for good sound quality.
  • Prepare blank sheet music, pencil and eraser.
  • You can use multiple sheets.
  • You can find blank sheet music provided in PDF file format for any standard printer below this text (in printer settings select the paper-size option "original size"). If you don't have sheet music or a printer, you can draw the five lines on a blank sheet with a ruler.
  • Write on all sheets your first and last name in block letters on the top in the right corner.
  • Read the following instructions carefully before starting the test. The test cannot be interrupted.


  • Make sure you have enough time.
  • The availability of the test is 60 minutes after the start including 50 minutes to answer the exercices and 10 minutes to upload your solution sheets.
  • The test consists of seven exercises in the form of rhythm dictations. 
  • You have 50 minutes to answer these exercises.
  • Your task is to write down (transcribe) correctly as many of these dictations as possible.
  • Use the remaining 10 minutes to scan or photograph and upload your solutions.
  • The exercises vary in difficulty; answer the easier exercises first. If one exercise seems too difficult for you, go to the next one immediately. Answer the easier exercises first and come back later.
  • Use any remaining time to review your answers carefully.
  • If there might be not enough time to complete all tasks, please do not insist on it and stop the test after 50 minutes to start submitting your existing answers within the available time. Incomplete tests can also lead to a positive evaluation.
  • Please note: After 50 minutes the window to answer the exercices closes and the window of 10 minutes for uploading the answers will automatically start.
  • This test can’t be repeated.

Notes on the notation

  • Please write down your answers carefully and readable.
  • Use notations and symbols that are as uniform as possible.
  • Before each answer, write down the number of the corresponding task.
  • Each task is count-in at the beginning. Write the corresponding time signature right after each task number.
  • The pattern is repeated four times in each task. Write the pattern down only once (e.g. if 16 bars are heard, 4 will be noted). Pay attention to the beginning of the first and the end of the last pattern.
  • On each beginning (1) of a pattern, you will hear a bright percussive tone for better orientation.

Privacy policy

The FHNW Academy of Music adheres to the sensible and conservative use of personal data. The data collected will be processed solely for the purpose discernible to the user. Personal data shall be destroyed as soon as they are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were processed. By handing in the exam details, the applicant agrees to the use of his/her personal data for the intended/discernible purpose.

Statement of authorship

You confirm to carry out the test independently and without any aids (e.g. instrument).