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Admission Procedure

Degree programs at Jazzcampus

Bachelor's degree

The aptitude test (entrance exam) takes yearly place in spring. The exact dates and shedule for the procedure will be announced individually after applying.

Master's degree

Students who have completed a bachelor's degree at another university or master students who wish to start a second master's degree can directly apply for the master's degree in either MA Music Pedagogy (Jazz) or MA Performance (Jazz Producing/Performance).

In addition to the required application documents those students must provide detailed information about former studies (Degree, Diploma, etc.). In order to study at the Jazzcampus, students must pass an aptitude test (entrance exam).

Places on all degree programs are limited.
More information about enrollment you will find here.

Admission and Aptitude Test (Entrance Exam)


Online registration

Admission deadline for Academic Year 2021/22: Mar. 1st 2021

The registration period starts in December and lasts until the beginning of March:

The online registration tool is now closed.

Audition Dates

Auditions for the academic year 2020/21

Practical Exam (all Graduate Degree Programmes)

Double-Bass/Electric-Bass April 22, 2020
Composition March 29, 2020
Voice April 17 or 18, 2020
Guitar April 5 or 6, 2020
Music Production April 24, 2020
Piano April 23, 2020
Trombone April 20, 2020
Saxophone/Flute April 16, 2020
Drumset/Percussion April 14 or 15, 2020
Trumpet April 20, 2020
Vibraphone April 14,  2020
Violine April 22, 2020

You will find more information about study dates here.
For further information please contact the student administration office.



Konzerte Musikschule Jazz

Konzerte Musikschule Jazz


Jazzcampus Club | 20:30

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Hochschule für Musik | Jazz

Hochschule für Musik | Jazz


Performance Room H9 | 20:30

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Jazzcampus Session

Jazzcampus Session

Jazzcampus | Utengasse 15 | CH – 4058 Basel

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