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Studies at Jazzcampus of the Academy of Music (FHNW)

The Academy of Music (FHNW) comprises three institutes – Jazz (JAZZCAMPUS), Classic and Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. Our students benefit from a broad range of musical knowledge, know-how and excellence that the renowned and well-established institutes offer in collaboration with the Musik-Akademie Basel.

Preliminary information about admission to the degree programs and course of the study in Jazz can be found on this page. Furture information can also be found on the general Academy of Music (FHNW) website.

Lionel Loueke

Why study at the Jazzcampus?

The Jazzcampus is a unique center for jazz, featuring state-of-the-art infrastructure, rehearsal and practice rooms, recording studios and performance halls fulfilling the highest standards in acoustics, as well as a jazz club. Our students are being offered an exceptional environment in which to unfold and grow.

Its location in the historic heart of Basel offers a unique platform, allowing our students to dive into and explore the lively Basel music scene.

Excellent lecturers with a strong network and access to the national and international jazz scene build the heart of the training at the Jazzcampus. These musicians possess a wealth of experience, musical knowledge and expertise and thus lay the foundation for successful studies.

As an active member of the Directors' Conference of Swiss Jazz Schools (DKSJ) and the International Association of Schools of Jazz (IASJ), the Jazz Department of the School of Music provides an excellent national and international network. This allows our students to participate in (inter)national cooperation projects during the course of their studies and also gives them the opportunity to spend part of their studies abroad.

The Bachelor and Master Programmes in Jazz

The following degree and continuing education programmes are currently being offered at the JAZZCAMPUS:



Further education:

Admission procedure Bachelor/Master programmes

Successful admission into the Bachelor and Master programs is dependent on meeting the general admission requirements as well as on passing the entrance examination, generally scheduled once yearly in spring. The registration period starts in December and ends end of February.

Further information for students

For further information on how to organize and prepare for your studies, please refer to the Academy of Music (FHNW) website, where the following information can be found:


Studying at the Jazzcampus

Studying at the Jazzcampus

Bachelors/Masters application

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