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Equilibrium Workshop

Sissel Vera Pettersen, Joachim Badenhorst and Mikkel Ploug

19. Dezember 2014 | 13:00 | Room: H9 Performance

Equilibrium synthesize elements of jazz, folk/world, classical, minimalism and the avant-garde in a mixture of free improvisation and original compositions. The group has received critical acclaim from all over the world for the two studio albums Equilibrium and Walking Voices released on Canadian label Songlines Recordings. The trio is made up of:

Norwegian vocalist/saxophonist Sissel Vera Pettersen who has worked with the likes of Jon Balke, Chick Corea, Marylin Mazur, Marc Ducret and many more.  Sissel has a unique approach to vocaleffects and has been featured guest on many festivals around the world.

On guitar and responsible for most compositions is danish guitarist Mikkel Ploug, known for his work with saxophonists Mark Turner and Loren Stillman. Mikkel has albums out on Fresh Sound Records, Songlines and Whirlwind recordings and has won much recognition for his compositions world wide.

Belgian reed player Joachim Badenhorst who plays with the Han Bennik trio and with Tony Malaby’s Novola is one of our times clarinet voices. Joachim are part of the New York Scene, Chicago scene, plays in Japan and China and all over europe and runs his own label Klein featured in Downbeat this year.

The masterclass will focus on the repertoire and working methods of Equilibrium.

“When we talk about musicians and groups pushing the genre forward and seeking what can truly be done with sound and thought, this trio is what we mean.”  Jazzwrap (US)

Equilibrium releases a new record "Liquid Light" 14th October on Songlines Recordings. See more here:





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